Candle Lighters

Candle Lighters

What kind of fuel should I use in my Zippo Candle Lighter?

Use only a premium grade butane fuel, like Zippo Premium Butane Fuel. There are many cheap brands in the marketplace that could cause your Candle Lighter to malfunction. We have received complaints from consumers about some brands of butane fuel affecting the performance of their Candle Lighter. After investigation, Zippo determined that some imported butane fuels contain very high pressure fuel or contaminants that could cause flaring, permanent damage or malfunction of the Candle Lighter. Butane fuel with too much pressure could cause the flame height to exceed recommended maximums. If the flame height of your Zippo Candle Lighter exceeds 4 inches, try refilling it with Zippo Premium Butane. If this does not reduce the flame height to less than 4 inches, stop using the lighter and send it to Zippo for repair.

How should I fuel my Zippo Candle Lighter?

Refuel your Candle Lighter in a well-ventilated area away from open flame or source of heat/sparks. Hold the lighter pointed down so the filling valve (located in center of black knob at bottom) is facing up. Place the butane fuel can nozzle into filling valve and depress the can several times with a firm, even pressure. Do not shake butane can before filling. Be sure the butane can nozzle is seated correctly in the filling valve. If butane leaks, try re-seating the nozzle. Butane fuel is not only highly flammable, it is very cold when it escapes into the air during filling, so be careful to avoid contact with skin. Wait at least 2 minutes after refueling before using your Candle Lighter; this allows the fuel and seals to stabilize and any vapors to dissipate. Igniting prior to 2 minutes may cause a fire or damage the internal seals and result in a malfunction.

How do I adjust the flame on my Zippo Candle Lighter?

The flame adjustment knob is located at the bottom of the Candle Lighter. The adjustment knob can be turned in the direction of the arrows on the bottom to increase or decrease flame height. Set the knob in the middle setting to ignite lighter, then adjust flame height up or down as desired.

Do I need to add flints to my Candle Lighter?

No, the Candle Lighter does not use flints. It has an advanced Piezo lighting mechanism that will last for about 15,000 lights. How long is that? If you used your Candle Lighter three times per day, it would light every day for almost fourteen years.

Why won’t my new Candle Lighter ignite?

Make sure the flame adjustment knob at the bottom is set on the middle setting, then push the igniter button. If that doesn’t help, the lighter may have a vapor lock. Vapor lock occurs when air gets inside the sealed fuel chamber of the lighter. It can occur if the lighter and butane fuel can are not inverted during the fueling process. To remove vapor lock: Do this in a well-ventilated area away from any source of flame. Invert lighter. Bleed excess air from the tank by depressing fill valve with tip of a small screwdriver or other pointed object. Be careful when bleeding the lighter. When done, point the lighter away from your face and any ignition source and refill with Zippo Premium Butane Fuel.

Does the Candle Lighter have a warranty?

Any Zippo Candle Lighter returned to our Repair Clinic for warranty repair will be repaired or replaced. There is a $5.00 Shipping and Handling Charge. Damage to the Candle Lighter resulting from abuse or misuse is not covered by our warranty. The finish is also not warranted. Check the packaging that came with your Candle lighter. Most Candle lighters have a three-year warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. For information about sending your Zippo Candle Lighter for repair, click here.