Writing Instruments

What is the difference between a roller ball or ball point pen?

Ball point pens, because they use a quick-drying oil-based ink, smudge less and write beautifully. Roller ball pens require less writing pressure, making them more comfortable to use. They also tend to write more boldly and clearly than ball point pens.

How do I install a refill in my Zippo roller ball pen?

Each pen comes with one refill, which is easy to install. First, remove pen cap, then twist and unscrew bottom of pen barrel from the main body. Next remove and discard protective cap from refill tip, place refill on bottom of barrel. Replace main barrel body, then twist to screw barrel back together.

How do I install a refill in my Zippo ball point pen?

First, remove the pen cap (for most models, twist and unscrew to remove). Next, remove existing refill, retaining the small spring on refill tip. If spring is not removed with refill, turn pen upside down to remove, then place spring on tip of new refill. Insert refill in pen body and replace cap.

What kind of refills should I use in my Zippo Pen and where would I purchase them?

Refills are available at your local office supply store or online.

For roller ball pen refills, we suggest: Schmidt (#888M plastic barrel or #5888 metal barrel), Hauser (#777F ceramic or # 707), Uni-ball (#207) Parker (Quink –gel), or Pilot (G2 #77232 or VBall #77285).

For ball point pen refills, we suggest: Schmidt (P900M or easy FLOW9000), Hauser (PK-012), or Parker (Quink - ballpoint)

Is there a warranty on my Zippo Pen?

Zippo warrants its pens for up to two years. The finish and refill are not warranted. Any Zippo Pen returned for warranty repair within two years of purchase will be repaired free of charge or replaced with the same or similar model, at our discretion. Sender must also provide proof of purchase. Damage to the pen resulting from abuse or misuse is not covered by our warranty. Other Zippo products carry their own specific warranties.

Contact your retailer for warranty information or click here for further instructions. If you are located outside the U.S.A., contact the distributor for your country. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which run concurrently with, and do not affect, your statutory rights.